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Friday, 28 September 2012


There I was, my mind resting against the headboard, staring into the spaces around me as her hands and feet shuffled tenderly around the room. Her expression was blank yet meaningful, her hands seemed to offer life to the most benign and inanimate of objects as she swayed over pens, pencils, mugs and the blinking lights of the computer screen, reflecting her subtle features as I stared bewildered at new feelings and emotions laid before me. I felt that at any moment this blissful new beginning would be shattered. Some foul truth or unknown realisation which would land me in my previous life of shuffling through packed dancefloors gazing desperately into the eyes of men and women sharing moments together which I never had.

More special than she could realise, I could not help but wonder what she saw in me as I rested there against the headboard of her bed. I felt like it would all end, but it didn't and through her graceful movements and her unspoken words which seemed to uplift everything around her, she too has uplifted me.

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